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How does a deposition work in civil litigation?

Civil litigation is one of the most common forms of litigation in the country. One part of the process includes the deposition. The deposition should never be overlooked. It is very important as it can help discover quite a bit of evidence for either side. So, how does a deposition work in civil litigation?

One thing you should know and understand is that a deposition will not take place in a courtroom. Instead, the deposition will take place in the office of an attorney. The witness involved will be asked a series of questions related to the facts of the incident in an effort to find out as much information as possible. The deposition will be recorded work-for-word by a trained court reporter so that nothing is misconstrued. Depositions can also be filmed, when necessary, so the video can be played in court.

Renewing a 5-year educator license in Ohio

If you are a teacher working in the state of Ohio, you should know the steps required to renew a five-year educator license. If you are not currently employed at a school in Ohio, you should also know how to renew such a license in the event that you want to obtain employment in the future. We will take a look at the steps involved in this process.

If you are currently employed as an educator in a school in Ohio, you must put together an Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP). This plan must be approved by the Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC). This requirement is for all educators who work at public schools, community schools or nonchartered public schools.

Bar ownership is more than just cheers

There's just something about a hometown bar. If you frequent bars and taverns, you recognize the feeling. You are always welcome, and there is always a festive atmosphere. No matter how bad you feel going in, you always feel better coming out.

Maybe that's why you want to open your own bar, to provide that experience to others. You probably look forward to having regulars, those people who could go anywhere else in town but choose to come to your establishment for food, drinks and a few hours of relaxation. While it may seem simple, you will likely find yourself facing mounds of legal documents before your dream comes true.

Explaining professional licenses and certifications

As you work on deciding which degree you will pursue in college you will want to know if your chosen career path will require a license or certification. There are a host of different professions that require either a license or a certification in order to hold those jobs. Today, we will explain professional licenses and certifications in Cleveland.

Many licenses and certifications are issued once you complete required educational commitments such as undergraduate school or graduate school. There are other professions that require you to get additional schooling, such as becoming a nurse, doctor, lawyer, police officer, EMT, paramedic or firefighter. All of these professions have schools or educational programs dedicated specifically for them.

Port Clinton settles harassment suit filed by former worker

The City of Port Clinton has settled a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a former city employee. The lawsuit was filed against the city's former mayor. The amount reached in the settlement was not disclosed in the announcement. The lawsuit was dismissed on Nov. 13 when paperwork was filed in the Common Pleas Court of Ottawa County.

A civil trial in the case was scheduled to begin on Monday, Nov. 13, but the docket at the court listed the case as settled. It also said it was done without prejudice. Neither side of the lawsuit showed in court on Monday, but all of jurors had arrived only to be told that their services were no longer needed. Because the court was closed in observance of Veterans Day Friday, the paperwork could not be filed until Monday.

How do I choose an appeals attorney?

As you prepare to file an appeal, either civil or criminal, it's best that you have an experienced appeals attorney by your side. This is not a legal situation that you should handle on your own. It is too much of a serious situation, especially when filing a criminal appeal. Your freedom is at stake in these cases. So, how do you choose an appeals attorney?

Do you have referrals? If you can acquire a referral from a friend, family member, or business colleague, this is a great place to start. When someone you trust can provide you with an appeals attorney he or she has used in the past, it can go a long way to making the selection process much easier.

Issues that could threaten your nursing license

As a nurse, you have dedicated your career to helping the sick and injured. Ohio nurses have a particular responsibility to provide quality care, yet there are times when issues arise and you must make on-the-spot decisions regarding patient care. Due to the pressure and immense responsibilities of this job, nurses may make mistakes or do things that go against regulations.

There are many ways that you may find your license in jeopardy. Whether you made a mistake, broke a rule or believe you are innocent of the accusations against you, you would be wise to take quick action. Regardless of the circumstances of your case, you have the right to defend your license and protect your right to work in your career of choice.

Ways in which an attorney can help your business

If you have decided to start your own business, you've obviously done plenty of research and spoken with a host of different professionals. Opening a business, no matter the industry, can be challenging and stressful. There's so much to get done before you can begin operations and it just doesn't end there. A smart move to make is to partner with an attorney in Cleveland when opening a business.

If your company is operating as a corporation, you will absolutely need an attorney to work with on a regular basis. From incorporating your business to meeting the legal requirements annually, a business attorney can help with all of this. You will need to hold shareholder meetings, partner meetings and director meetings. All of the minutes for these meetings must be recorded and elections must be held according to state laws.

Requirements for social worker license in Ohio

If you are considering a career as a social worker in Ohio, you will want to perform a little research prior to making the move. As with any other career, it's best to find out about the salary history, the availability of jobs and the requirements of the profession. For example, did you know that social workers need to be licensed? Here are those requirements for Ohio.

The first step in becoming a licensed social worker in Ohio is obtaining your bachelor's in social work (BSW). There is no other way around receiving your license. You must have a BSW before you can begin the registration process for a license.

How do I protect my liquor license?

Running a business with a liquor license comes with quite a bit of responsibility. You will need to be vigilant in not overserving customers and not serving underage patrons. Despite all of your vigilance, accidents and innocent incidents can still happen. So, how do I protect my liquor license?

You must recognize all behaviors that can lead to a review of your liquor license, which includes serving clientele who are already visibly intoxicated and serving underage patrons. You will need to train your employees to recognize this behavior and put a stop to it immediately. This can involve removing patrons from your establishment to protect the license.

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