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How to apply for an educator administrator license in Ohio

Working in education in the state of Ohio is rewarding, challenging and stressful all at once. In order to teach in the public schools of Ohio, you must be properly licensed. If you'd like to earn a promotion to an administrative position, you will need to acquire an administrator license. Here's how you can apply for such a license in the state.

In order to apply for an administrator license, the candidate must do so using the CORE licensure system found in the ODE.CORE system from the state of Ohio using their SAFE Account. To apply for a brand new license, the applicant must select "start a new application." If they are renewing a license, they must select "renew a credential" in the system.

An overview of dental licensure in Ohio

Obtaining a dental license in the state of Ohio is a legal requirement. One cannot operate a dental practice, or work in a practice without being properly licensed. The process usually occurs just once in a person's professional life, but it's never out of the realm of possibility to go through licensure a second or subsequent time. Here's a brief overview of dental licensure in Ohio.

Ohio has a state board of dentistry. This board is an agency that has been created by the Ohio legislature. It governs the qualifications needed for each person seeking a dental license in Ohio. The power of the board is limited to that which has been provided by the legislature.

How can an attorney help me defend my professional practice?

Running a professional practice, no matter the industry, takes a lot of focus and commitment. You need to have a license in that profession in order to operate a practice legally. You must also ensure that the license is kept in good standing. Issues can arise with your professional practice without warning. Here's how an attorney can help you defend the practice.

If the issue regarding your practice is something that you know of, it might be a good idea to admit where mistakes occurred. Even if you admit to any mistakes, an attorney will be able to help you work with the prosecutor on your case to come up with a deal.

The grounds for criminal appeals in Ohio

Being charged with a crime does not have to mean the end of the road for you in Ohio. Aside from various defenses you can use to fight the charges, or have them reduced, you are always open to appealing the ruling issued by the first court to hear your case. Here are the grounds for criminal appeals in Ohio.

For the most part, the grounds to reverse a lower court's ruling will need to be more than something known as a "harmless error." A harmless error is one that does not typically impact the result of the case when it is at trial. In order for a case to be appealed, the error must be substantial or material.

Medical marijuana policies for physicians go into effect soon

Research shows that marijuana can help patients suffering from certain ailments. As a result, many states have passed laws, making the use of marijuana for certain medical conditions allowable. This happened here in Ohio in 2016. The deadline for the state's medical board to finalize the rules for physicians is right around the corner.

If you are a physician contemplating participating in the medical marijuana program, you may be asking some questions. What will happen once those rules take effect? Will I be able to write a prescription for a patient to obtain medical marijuana?

How do surveys help prevent malpractice claims?

Malpractice is a common issue within multiple industries these days and many companies work as hard as possible to avoid this issue. Malpractice can occur in just about any industry, especially those that include the requirement of holding a professional license. Surveys are a great tool to use in preventing malpractice claims in Ohio.

Feedback is an important part of every business, yet some fail to use it properly. Feedback is vital to companies succeeding in their everyday operations, especially those in the medical field. Companies need to take the feedback provided by clients, customers or patients and put it to good use. This includes updating procedures, policies and how the office is run in a better effort to ensure safety of all parties involved in the business.

It's amnesty month for parents with late child support payments

Hamilton County mothers and fathers who owe overdue child support run the risk of losing their professional licenses and driver's licenses if they don't get caught up on the money they owe. However, the county is currently offering any parents who have already lost their licenses the opportunity for amnesty if they're willing to pay their back-owed support in full.

This amnesty will be available throughout August in celebration of National Child Support month. According to the director of the Hamilton County Job and Family Services, "It is in the best interests of the child that we establish an income stream so basic needs are being met."

How to protect your teaching license in Ohio

Working as a teacher is hectic, stressful, challenging and fulfilling all at once. No matter the district in which you work, there will be issues with other teachers, administration and students that cause you to think about a career change. If you plan to stay in the classroom, here are some tips for protecting your teaching license in the state of Ohio.

The first thing you must do, especially when teaching for the first time, is to make sure your classroom is a safe place for the students. Remove all hazards from the classroom not associated with instruction. Teachers must also warn students of activities that can lead to injuries or other issues that might not be safe.

When is your nursing license on the line?

You may be many things to many people — a spouse, a parent, a friend. One of the roles you may be most proud of is that of nurse. Caring for people's well-being and health is something that is important to you, and you have worked hard for the privilege of doing so.

Whether you have worked in the nursing profession for many years or are just beginning, one thing that may concern you is the possibility that something will jeopardize your nursing license. You may have heard or read about nurses who have had their licenses revoked for seemingly innocent reasons, and the thought of it worries you.

How do I protect my business from litigation?

Owning a business is stressful enough due to daily operations, dealing with staff, pleasing clients and much more. Litigation only adds to that stress and can hurt the overall image of your business. So, how do you protect my business from litigation?

One of the best ways to protect your business from litigation is to purchase liability insurance. You can also consider obtaining errors and omission insurance to protect the business from claims made by clients that the company made an error or did not fulfill a portion of a contract. If your company is large enough to have a board of directors, consider obtaining directors and officers liability insurance. This insurance helps to protect the personal assets of the board of directors should a lawsuit be filed against the company.

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