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Explaining professional licenses and certifications

As you work on deciding which degree you will pursue in college you will want to know if your chosen career path will require a license or certification. There are a host of different professions that require either a license or a certification in order to hold those jobs. Today, we will explain professional licenses and certifications in Cleveland.

How do I protect my liquor license?

Running a business with a liquor license comes with quite a bit of responsibility. You will need to be vigilant in not overserving customers and not serving underage patrons. Despite all of your vigilance, accidents and innocent incidents can still happen. So, how do I protect my liquor license?

An overview of dental licensure in Ohio

Obtaining a dental license in the state of Ohio is a legal requirement. One cannot operate a dental practice, or work in a practice without being properly licensed. The process usually occurs just once in a person's professional life, but it's never out of the realm of possibility to go through licensure a second or subsequent time. Here's a brief overview of dental licensure in Ohio.

How to protect your teaching license in Ohio

Working as a teacher is hectic, stressful, challenging and fulfilling all at once. No matter the district in which you work, there will be issues with other teachers, administration and students that cause you to think about a career change. If you plan to stay in the classroom, here are some tips for protecting your teaching license in the state of Ohio.

How to protect your professional license as a doctor

Protecting your professional license as a doctor, no matter the industry, is vital to your success. No matter how much you take into consideration practicing safely, you might still run into problems simply because people want to cause problems. There's plenty you can do to protect your professional license and we will discuss those tips in today's post.

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What do insurance agents, medical professionals, and financial experts all have in common? Chances are that each has a professional license that is subject to the rules and regulations promulgated by one of Ohio's approximately 300 state executive branch agencies.

Keys to protecting your professional license as a nurse

Just how important is your professional license as a nurse? For many of us, professional licensure determines our ability to make a living - and any threat to it can pose an administrative law nightmare. Trying to defend your professional licensure on your own after a mistake or misstep can be exhausting. That is why you should consider seeking the help of administrative litigation specialists.

New administrative law rules in store for SEC filings

When it comes to gathering information for your professional services litigation case, economic authorities are often more harmful than helpful. New administrative law measures from the Securities and Exchange Commission could change that, though, with new regulations that provide additional information for the "forgotten investor." Too often, experts say, investors struggle to find company information in lengthy public filings. A new set of requirements could provide more transparency, allowing investors to make better personal decisions with regards to their administrative litigation.

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