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Teachers' professional licensure at stake after alcohol incident

There is a time and place for a boozy brunch - and it probably is not while you are teaching a group of children. Several area teachers have learned that lesson the hard way, and their professional licensure could now be at risk because they were found drinking during a break from a summer camp program. News outlets in Toledo, Ohio, report that the Michigan teachers are accused of leaving a sixth-grade camp to drink alcohol.

Boston man eschews professional licensure, faces charges

You worked hard to earn your professional license. Whether you are a physician, real estate professional, cosmetologist or engineer, you care about maintaining your professional licensure. That is why it is so distressing for our Ohio clients to learn that someone may have been compromising the quality and significance of their license. Unfortunately, some believe that posing as a licensed professional can benefit them - those people should be called to task. For example, a Boston-area man is now facing criminal charges because he posed as a real estate agent and took advantage of his clients.

Cited for a liquor license violation? Prepare for a hearing

As the owner of a restaurant that serves alcohol, you undoubtedly know that your liquor license plays an important role in your ability to run your business. As a result, you may take careful action to ensure that you do not violate any laws or regulations that could cause the Liquor Control Commission to suspend or revoke your license. However, no one is perfect, and you may find yourself receiving a citation.

Am I at risk of having my professional licensure suspended?

Do you know the types of violations that could lead to your professional license being revoked or suspended? Many Ohio residents do not understand the risks that come along with their professional licensure, and they are caught off-guard when a legal proceeding threatens their livelihood. Making sure you have a strong disciplinary action defense can make the difference in your continued ability to do your job.

Ohio reviews professional licensure rules for military spouses

Having difficulty with your career licensure because you are in a military family? The state of Ohio could soon have legislation that can help. Political leaders in Ohio are working to create a plan that would remove barriers for active-duty service members and their spouses to obtain professional licensure in the state. The legislation is designed to speed the licensure process, including those associated for newcomers that need to apply for license permissions.

Is your medical license at risk?

The time when you were a medical student may seem like a lifetime ago. All those years of study, hard work and perseverance finally paid off, and you earned a license to practice medicine in Ohio. Many doctors say they enjoy their work and are very satisfied with their careers. Others frequently lament the downsides of the profession, including long hours, lack of personal time and high-stress situations.

What preventive measures can protect your professional licensure?

What do you do when a legal proceeding threatens your professional license? Professional licensure is a privilege afforded to those in the medical, accounting, engineering, and other fields - but it is vulnerable to legal attack from those clients or other entities that perceive themselves as being wronged. Taking some preventive action today can help you avoid the massive professional and financial impact that can come along with facing legal attacks to your license.

Nurses: Keep professional licensure healthy with legal precaution

Nurses and other medical professionals have a responsibility to their patients, but they also need to remain cognizant of their own health -- namely, their legal health. Professional licensure comes along with special risks that nurses should be prepared to manage. Taking the time to review your legal rights and responsibilities in the new year can help protect you and prepare you for disciplinary action defense.

What dentists should know about the Dental Board's disciplinary process - III

In a series of ongoing posts, we've been discussing the process by which the Ohio State Dental Board investigates alleged violations of the Dental Practice Act, and how it decides whether to initiate the formal disciplinary process against a particular dental professional.

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