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The grounds for criminal appeals in Ohio

Being charged with a crime does not have to mean the end of the road for you in Ohio. Aside from various defenses you can use to fight the charges, or have them reduced, you are always open to appealing the ruling issued by the first court to hear your case. Here are the grounds for criminal appeals in Ohio.

Former state politician seeks haven through appeals court

A former state representative is in danger of losing his professional auctioneer license because of a criminal proceeding. Rep. Steve Kraus is going through the appeals process for alleged theft. He claims that the prosecution was politically motivated and calculated to keep him out of a political seat. The outcome of the criminal case could determine whether Kraus can continue as an auctioneer and realtor -- people with felony convictions cannot hold this type of licensure.

Instagram intimidation case to be heard by Ohio Supreme Court

The Ohio Supreme Court will hear an Instagram intimidation case that has a connection to a gang dispute in Cleveland. The Supreme Court is hearing the case, which is a challenge to the ruling issued by a lower court. The challenge is requesting a new trial for a man who was convicted of robbing and shooting his lifelong friend. The suspect's lawyer was removed from the case when a video showing the man's interrogation by police was edited and found on Instagram.

Appeals court considers backpack searching, privacy case

When it comes to the legal right to protection from search and seizure, we often consider DUI or criminal defense cases relating to adults - but what about children's rights to privacy? An appeals court in Ohio is now considering that very issue by evaluating the legality of a backpack search at a high school that yielded the discovery of bullets and a gun. The court needs to determine whether the search complied with the "reasonable suspicion" standard traditionally used at schools - a less-stringent standard than the "probable cause" bar that is set for issues outside of educational environments. The case is currently being considered by the state supreme court after prosecutors decided to fight the criminal appeals court decision.

Experienced guidance for effectively navigating appeals

Appellate law is nuanced and complicated, and if you are preparing for the possibility of an appeal, you need an experienced attorney to guide you through the process. An appeal does not offer you another chance to try your case, at least not directly. However, it does allow for a higher Ohio court to carefully review the first outcome to your case in order to determine if the proper verdict was reached. Your lawyer can continue to represent your interests throughout the duration of the appeals process.

Ohio Supreme Court: Most police dash cam footage should be public

If asked to identify some of the technical components found inside the typical squad car, most of us would list computers, GPS systems and, of course, radios. While these elements are all certainly present, this list nevertheless omits a now ubiquitous feature of squad cars across the Buckeye State: dash cams.

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