Received A Hearing Notice? Now What Do You Do?

For doctors, nurses, chiropractors and other licensed professionals in Ohio, responding to hearing notices from regulatory boards and agencies can be a confusing and intimidating prospect.

Whether you were charged with professional misconduct, malpractice or accused of other infractions, I can help you understand the potential implications, respond in a timely and appropriate manner and guide you throughout the process.

An Experienced Lawyer Defending You, Your Reputation And Your License

At The Patton Law Firm, LLC, I have more than 15 years of experience handling administrative law and professional licensure matters and am an OSBA Board Certified Specialist in Administrative law (one of only a few attorneys in the state with this distinction). Unlike other firms that may handle these types of cases, my practice is committed to this particular area of law. I understand the processes and procedures unique to administrative law and help clients challenge administrative decisions in administrative hearings and appeals.

Below are some important things to consider after receiving a hearing notice:

  • You are entitled to a hearing: The hearing is an opportunity to tell your side of the story. If you choose to do nothing, then the board will simply make its decision based on its view of the allegations in the hearing notice.
  • Don't miss deadlines: You have a limited time to respond and request a hearing. It's important to respond quickly, because as mentioned, failure to respond will allow the board to make a decision without hearing your side of the story.
  • Get an attorney: You don't need to have a lawyer, but these hearings are formal and the state will be represented by an assistant attorney general from the Ohio Attorney General's Office. With help from a lawyer familiar with administrative law matters, you will have a much better chance of presenting your case effectively.
  • Reaching a settlement: It may be in your best interest to settle your case quickly and quietly.Your attorney can negotiate with the AG's office on your behalf while explaining the potential positives and negatives of a settlement.
  • You don't always have to appear: In some cases, your attorney can appear on your behalf. However, it's often in your interests to appear in person. The board may want to ask you questions directly and hear your side of things.
  • You can appeal: If the ruling from the board isn't in your favor, you and your attorney can appeal the decision.

Each Case Is Different

Oftentimes, it's in your best interests to resolve the matter without a hearing. I gather evidence, review the facts and can look to resolve the matter quickly and quietly by avoiding litigation. However, I am an accomplished litigator and am well-equipped to represent your case before administrative and regulatory boards.

If you have received a hearing notice from your regulatory board or an administrative agency, it's important to consider just how valuable your license is to your practice or business. Losing your license is a serious issue, and as your representative, I will provide you with the legal resources and counsel necessary to protect what's important to you.

Is Your License On The Line? It's Time To Hire An Attorney.

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