Understanding Appeals And Administrative Law

For any type of appeal, regardless of whether you won or lost at trial, it is important to be prepared for the possibility of an appeal. If there is any possible error by the judge as a matter of law or procedure, it is possible that a higher appellate court could review the matter and perhaps reverse the decision or remand the case back to the trial court for a retrial or further action.

At The Patton Law Firm, LLC, I represent individuals and businesses throughout Ohio, including Northeast Ohio and the Cleveland area, in criminal appeals, civil appeals and administrative law appeals. I also work as local co-counsel with out-of-state attorneys on appellate matters, and I partner with law firms throughout the country who need an appellate lawyer with my experience.

Appellate Experience Is Key

Appellate law is very different from trial litigation. Although there can be a component of oral argument before a group of judges, appellate work is more about research and writing on finer, often unsettled, points of the law. Further, an appeal is not another chance to try the case; the courts are looking at the decision of the lower court and the process by which the lower court arrived at that decision. When taking a case to the appellate level, working with an attorney with appellate experience is critical to success.

Since the very beginning of my legal career more than 15 years ago, I have been handling appellate matters. I have handled appeals in the state Supreme Courts of Ohio and West Virginia, federal intermediate appeals courts, half of Ohio's 12 Appellate District Courts and the United States Supreme Court.

As a one-attorney law firm, I maintain a small caseload intentionally, which allows me to take appellate cases that are particularly important or interesting to me as an attorney. Further, it allows me to maintain my commitment to being available to my clients and giving each client's case the personalized attention and commitment to excellence it deserves.

Hire A Lawyer With Unmatched Credentials And Experience

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