Litigation: Experienced Counsel Taking Your Case As Far As It Needs To Go

With more than 15 years of experience as a lawyer, I have focused on litigation and appeals throughout my legal career. I combine this experience with a commitment to maintain a small, focused caseload in the context of a solo firm so that I provide my clients with the personalized attention and focus that their cases deserve.

As an Ohio civil litigation attorney, I represent clients in the Cleveland area and throughout Ohio in a wide range of litigation matters, including civil and administrative litigation.

Understanding The Nuances Of Administrative Litigation

Litigation involving an administrative agency is much different than civil litigation between private entities. Experience is invaluable in effectively handling administrative law matters. My first legal position out of law school was with the Ohio Attorney General's Office, working with the Health and Human Services Section and the Major Appeals Group. In this position, I gained a great deal of experience handling the unique procedural rules and legal issues involved with administrative litigation, including professional licensure issues.

I wrote the chapter on how to litigate an administrative law case in Ohio: Chapter 4 of Baldwin's Ohio Administrative Code: Administrative Law Handbook and Agency Directory, which details the procedures regarding litigation in administrative law cases in Ohio.

Appeals Experience ∙ The Importance Of Making A Record At Trial

One of the most important aspects of a trial is to prepare a record for the appellate court. Trial lawyers without appellate experience might not see these important opportunities during the trial. I have experience at every appellate level in the United States, state and federal, including appeals in the state Supreme Courts of Ohio and West Virginia, federal intermediate appeals courts, half of Ohio's 12 Appellate District Courts and the United States Supreme Court. Because of this experience, I am able to litigate matters for my clients in a way that will prepare their cases well for appeals.

Cleveland Administrative Litigation Attorney

From my Solon office, I work in a co-counsel relationship with other attorneys. I also represent individuals, businesses, in-house counsel and professional associations. Call 440-220-6398 or contact me online to discuss your case.