How Much Is Your License Worth To You?

As a licensed professional, you've worked hard to get to where you are. You have undertaken advanced education, testing, training and obtained the licenses you need to carry out your profession. You're invested in your career — financially, personally and professionally.

But what happens when your methods are called into question? When you are accused of improper behavior? Stealing? Misrepresentation? These and other accusations can compromise your license and ultimately your professional future.

When Your License Is On The Line, Respond With Experienced And Proven Representation

If you have received a hearing notice from an administrative board or other entity overseeing your profession, it's important to respond with the counsel and representation of an experienced attorney.

At The Patton Law Firm, LLC, my practice is committed to handling administrative law and professional licensure matters — it's what I do and I've been doing it for over 15 years. As an OSBA Board Certified Specialist in Administrative Law, I'm one of only a handful of lawyers in Ohio who specialize in this particular area. I know the licensing boards, the complex and unique administrative procedures my clients face, as well as the best methods for helping clients obtain, maintain and regain their licenses.

In many cases, clients come to me with questions regarding how to make licensure problems go away or how to cut through the administrative red tape so they can obtain or reinstate their license and get back to work. As a sole practitioner, I can provide you with timely, pertinent answers that address your specific issues. I intentionally limit my caseload to take cases I'm passionate about. This helps ensure you receive the attention you, and your issue, deserve.

If your license is at risk, don't make assumptions — obtain representation. When clients ask whether they need an attorney, I often respond by asking, "How much is your license worth to you?" When you consider the time, effort and financial investments you've made in your career, why not take every precaution to protect what you've worked so hard to achieve?

Protect The Investments You've Made In Your Career

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