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Applying For A Medical Marijuana License

Businesses interested in getting involved in the medical marijuana industry must first apply for a license. Applications tend to require very detailed and extensive information about the proposed cultivator, processor, testing lab or dispensary operation.

These applications are reviewed by a variety of state agencies. If these agencies do not immediately see what they are looking for, they are likely to deny the application and move onto the next one, as there are many businesses applying and a limited number of licenses. There is simply no margin for error in these applications.

Getting It Right The First Time

Businesses do not have to go through the application process alone. They can work with an experienced attorney who is familiar with the state agencies and understands what they are looking for when they review applications.

At The Patton Law Firm, my goal is to ensure that the businesses I represent submit clear, complete and comprehensive applications to set the stage for acceptance. The fact that I have been handling licensure and administrative law matters for over 20 years means that I truly know how to work with state agencies like the Ohio Department of Commerce, the Pharmacy Board and the Medical Board. The fact that my practice is focused exclusively on representing medical marijuana businesses means I understand Ohio’s newly instituted Medical Marijuana Control Program (MMCP) and other states’ equivalents.

Let Me Help Your Medical Marijuana Business Get Licensed

Whether you have just started the process, have already begun preparing to submit your application or have submitted your application and been denied, I can help. Call me at 440-220-6398, or send me an email today. My lawyer office is located in Solon, and I serve businesses in the Cleveland area, throughout Ohio, nationwide and internationally.