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Ohio Medical Marijuana Law Blog

Hundreds of medical malpractice patients hope to change state law

A spinal surgeon in Ohio is being sued by hundreds of previous patients. They claim that he carried out surgeries that were not medically necessary, billing billions of dollars fraudulently along the way. All told, the doctor and the Center for Advanced Spine Technologies, where he used to work, are facing around 530 cases.

As these cases went along, many patients began to feel like the Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice was not impartial, but was actually in favor of the medical industry. Some alleged that she had inside ties.

Cultivators Are Suing Ohio Over Medical Marijuana Licenses

Ohio unveiled its medical marijuana program. The Ohio Department of Commerce collected applications from dozens of prospective cultivators. Few of the businesses that applied were actually granted cultivator licenses. Most were rejected on the basis that they did not pass the state's complex scoring system. Now, the battle has begun. 

The future of medical marijuana is still uncertain

The State of Ohio legalized medical marijuana in 2016. Although the move was a victory for social advocates, it left the complicated tasks of administration and licensing to state bureaucracies. Nearly two years later, the state is stuck on its licensing procedures as the September deadline approaches for operations. Could hopes for medical marijuana go up in smoke before operations even begin?

Delays in licensing could affect operations

Can striking teachers be stripped of their licenses?

This week in nearby West Virginia, striking teachers walked out of the classrooms en masse in a dispute over benefits and salary. As they marched on the state Capitol in protest, 277,000 public school students had no one to teach them.

According to the spokesperson for the West Virginia Department of Education, public schools were closed in all of the state's 55 counties.

What should I do if my licensing board investigates me?

Holding a professional license does not mean that you are free to work for the rest of your career without any issues. If you commit an unethical or illegal act you could risk losing your license for good. You can also risk losing your license for a specific amount of time. Either way, the licensing board that issues your license will contact you regarding an investigation. So, what should you do if contacted by the licensing board regarding an investigation?

It's in your best interest to reach out to the carrier of your malpractice insurance policy when you receive notice from the board of an investigation. This very well could be a requirement named in your malpractice insurance policy anyway.

Addiction can result in administrative hearings for doctors, PAs

When you practice medicine, either as a doctor or a physician's assistant (PA), the state of Ohio authorizes the State Medical Board of Ohio to handle all issues regarding your licensing and discipline. This board does more than only issue licensing requirements for the state. They also handle complaints from the public and respond to issues that could compromise a professional's ability to do one's job.

One such issue is a claim that a medical professional is an addict, especially cases of opiate or opioid addiction. If there is concern that a doctor or PA may be diverting medication from patients, stealing drugs from an employer or otherwise seeking medication in a questionable manner, the Board will likely require your presence at a meeting.

Administrative law isn't your ordinary court experience

Many professional occupations are subject to the oversight of an administrative agency. When disputes arise between an agency and a professional, some people may mistakenly assume that since the proceedings don't necessarily follow the same lines as criminal and civil cases, then they aren't as important.

Nothing could be further from the truth. An agency's decision could affect your livelihood. Facing disciplinary action can be a frustrating and intimidating process. It may not be a good idea to go into proceedings without some experienced help. Even the terminology is different in administrative law.

Renewing a real estate license in Ohio

Working in the real estate industry in the state of Ohio is fun, exciting, rewarding and challenging all rolled into one. You never know when your next sale will come or if you will run into problems selling a property. Issues can arise without warning when trying to sell a property. Issues can also arise regarding your license to sell property. That's why you should always make sure it doesn't expire. Here's how you can renew the license in Ohio.

Individuals seeking the renewal of their real estate license, or those seeking their first license, will need to apply online via the Ohio Department of Commerce. The department operates the Division of Real Estate eLicense Center, which is the online portal where people can apply for initial licenses or renew their current licenses to sell real estate.

License changes proposed for teachers in struggling state

There have been changes proposed for how a person can acquire a teaching license in one state that continues to struggle with a teacher shortage. The state, Wisconsin, has announced possible changes to how a professional teaching license can be obtained. The Department of Public Instruction is working to help districts across the state that have struggled to build complete staffs.

One of the ideas put forth by the Department of Public Instruction involves combining subject areas into one license. This would help districts when it comes down to selecting candidates for open jobs. The reason stated for this was people who switch careers in the middle of life to become teachers. The department stated that most of the general education courses from years ago are no longer relevant.

An overview of practicing medicine without a license

Practicing medicine without a license is a major offense. It is a crime that is punishable by law in Ohio. If you're wondering what it means to practice medicine without a license, we will discuss the topic so you know what to look for and are able to avoid such an issue in your career. Losing your license can be devastating so don't let it happen to you.

Medical professionals, or those posing as medical professionals, have practiced without a license when they provide someone with medical advice or medical care without having a valid license. An invalid license can range from a suspended license to an expired license to never holding a valid license in the first place.

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