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Ohio Medical Marijuana Law Blog

Medical Marijuana Clinics Are Opening Their Doors In Ohio

While Ohio's medical marijuana program is still in its infancy, medical marijuana clinics have begun to open their doors. Even though cultivators have not even begun growing medical marijuana yet and dispensaries have a long way to go before they can begin filling prescriptions, doctors and clinics want to get a head start on creating awareness among patients who could benefit from this treatment and getting them enrolled in the program early.

Medical marijuana may be prescribed for pain under Illinois bill

The medicinal benefits of marijuana are starting to become better known. One possible benefit of the drug is pain relief. While scientists are still studying whether marijuana is an effective painkiller, what is known is that, in the wake of the opioid epidemic in Ohio and across the nation, medical marijuana may be a better choice for patients than addictive prescription painkillers.

Under an Illinois bill, physicians would be permitted to prescribe medical marijuana as a substitute for prescription pain medicine. In addition, the bill would eliminate the mandate that individuals seeking medical marijuana be fingerprinted and have a criminal background check performed.

Delays continue for medical marijuana dispensary applicants

Ohio, along with other states, has legalized medical marijuana. However, this does not mean that just anyone can set up a shop to sell medical marijuana. Those who wish to operate a medical marijuana dispensary must be licensed to do so. And, obtaining such a license is proving to be difficult.

The state was supposed to announce on May 30, which of the 376 medical marijuana dispensary applicants would be granted a license to sell medical marijuana. However, this decision has been pushed back to June. According to the Ohio Board of Pharmacy, more time is needed to perform background checks and ensure that the dispensaries are located 500 feet or more away from prohibited locations, including churches and schools. The state's medical marijuana program is slated to begin on September 8.

Growers of medical marijuana in Ohio entangled in lawsuit

Although Ohio has passed laws legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes, this doesn't mean the process of implementing such laws has run smoothly. Issues have arisen regarding the licensure of marijuana growers, that may impact when such businesses can begin operations.

A lawsuit in Ohio may halt some growers of medical marijuana from being able to begin operation. The lawsuit requests that the Ohio Commerce Department not certify 12 marijuana growers who currently have provisional licenses. The growers are required to have their businesses go through an inspection and receive certification to do grow medical marijuana in Ohio, which will then be sold at a licensed dispensary.

More studies are needed for FDA to approve medical marijuana

The use of marijuana for medicinal purposes can be very beneficial for people in Ohio suffering from cancer, seizures, multiple sclerosis, anxiety and other ailments. However, people in Ohio may be surprised to hear that, despite the fact that medical marijuana is gaining acceptance across the country, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not approved medical marijuana as a means for treating certain conditions.

The reason the FDA cites for not yet approving the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes is that there aren't a sufficient number of studies that supply proof that the use of medical marijuana is both safe and effective. However, such studies can be hard to come by. This is because researchers must obtain a special license to study marijuana, since it is still considered an illegal drug per federal law.

We help businesses with medical marijuana licensure

More states are starting to recognize the benefits of medical marijuana. It can help with pain, nausea, seizures and more. Ohio is one state that has recognized that allowing residents to have access to medical marijuana is a beneficial thing, and has since legalized it. However, that doesn't mean just anyone can grow marijuana and sell it for medicinal purposes. Medical marijuana in Ohio is highly regulated.

For example, if a person wishes to open a medical marijuana business, not only to they have to comply with the same regulations that any other business does, but it also needs to gain permission from certain state agencies in order to stay in operation. Medical marijuana businesses will have to obtain a license to operate. However, as of right now, it can be difficult to prove the regulations have been met.

Only 36 Ohio Doctors Can Recommend Medical Marijuana

As of April, only 36 Ohio doctors have been approved to recommend medical marijuana to their patients. That is a very small number considering the demand, and it's not just because of the state's strict regulations associated with the new medical marijuana program. The unfortunate reality is that very few doctors are willing and able to recommend this powerful treatment option, even if the state allowed them to.

Medical marijuana providers safe at least until September

Medical marijuana businesses across the country breathed a collective sigh of relief on March 23 of this year. The federal government’s omnibus spending bill—totally $1.3 trillion—was passed into law that day. In it was included the highly scrutinized Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment.

The amendment is a critical piece of legislation that protects states’ rights to legalize marijuana in the face of the federal government prohibition. Here’s why it’s so important:

Hundreds of medical malpractice patients hope to change state law

A spinal surgeon in Ohio is being sued by hundreds of previous patients. They claim that he carried out surgeries that were not medically necessary, billing billions of dollars fraudulently along the way. All told, the doctor and the Center for Advanced Spine Technologies, where he used to work, are facing around 530 cases.

As these cases went along, many patients began to feel like the Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice was not impartial, but was actually in favor of the medical industry. Some alleged that she had inside ties.

Cultivators Are Suing Ohio Over Medical Marijuana Licenses

Ohio unveiled its medical marijuana program. The Ohio Department of Commerce collected applications from dozens of prospective cultivators. Few of the businesses that applied were actually granted cultivator licenses. Most were rejected on the basis that they did not pass the state's complex scoring system. Now, the battle has begun. 

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