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When a person unexpectedly finds himself or herself ensnared in civil or criminal law matter, it's not uncommon for them to rapidly feel very frustrated. Indeed, much of this frustration stems from the fact that the terms, the venues and even the hearings in which they're participating differ significantly from what they were expecting or are inherently confusing.

Ohio Supreme Court: Most police dash cam footage should be public

If asked to identify some of the technical components found inside the typical squad car, most of us would list computers, GPS systems and, of course, radios. While these elements are all certainly present, this list nevertheless omits a now ubiquitous feature of squad cars across the Buckeye State: dash cams.

What happens when your liquor license renewal is rejected?

You have sunk a lot of money into your business. In addition, you probably put time and sweat into making it work, drawing in customers and establishing an atmosphere people enjoy. When the time came to renew your liquor license, you filled out the paperwork and mailed it in before the deadline.

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