When a person unexpectedly finds himself or herself ensnared in civil or criminal law matter, it’s not uncommon for them to rapidly feel very frustrated. Indeed, much of this frustration stems from the fact that the terms, the venues and even the hearings in which they’re participating differ significantly from what they were expecting or are inherently confusing.

As frustrating as civil and criminal law matters can seem to the uninitiated, things can rapidly become even more so if the matter at hand involves administrative law. That’s because most people likely weren’t even aware that this admittedly arcane body of law even existed prior to their troubles, let alone that it is governed by an entirely separate set of legal procedures.

Given this reality, it’s important to keep two points in mind if confronted by an administrative law matter — from an adverse agency decision to a professional licensure issue.

The first is that you are certainly not without legal recourse or otherwise powerless when confronted with the authority of any of Ohio’s agencies. The second is that attorneys who spend the majority of their time handling criminal defense or civil litigation might not be the best equipped to handle complex administrative law issues.

I’m David V. Patton, founder and principal attorney at The Patton Law Firm, LLC. I’ve been handling administrative law matters almost exclusively for the last 15-plus years, representing clients from all types of practices, businesses and industries on both sides of administrative law and licensure issues.

What this means is that I am uniquely equipped to handle any administrative law issue you might be facing, bringing comprehensive knowledge, unique insight and honed skills to the table. As a testament to my commitment to this area of law, consider that I am only one of a select few attorneys who are OSBA Certified Specialists in Administrative Law.

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