Appellate law is nuanced and complicated, and if you are preparing for the possibility of an appeal, you need an experienced attorney to guide you through the process. An appeal does not offer you another chance to try your case, at least not directly. However, it does allow for a higher Ohio court to carefully review the first outcome to your case in order to determine if the proper verdict was reached. Your lawyer can continue to represent your interests throughout the duration of the appeals process.

Whether your case was ruled in your favor or not, an appeal may seek to scrutinize the trial judge’s decision. If there was a mistake either in the interpretation of the law or procedure, the ruling could be reversed. In some cases, an appeal could result in a retrial. Appeals are possible in cases pertaining to criminal law, civil litigation and administrative law. 

In some cases, an appeal may necessitate some oral argument before the higher court. Overall, it is mostly dependant upon extensive research and knowledge of the nuances of the law. At this stage in the legal process, the experience and skill of your attorney can have a direct impact on the final outcome of your case. I know what it takes to effectively navigate these cases, and my team is prepared to help you secure a positive result.

I have extensive experience in appellate law matters of all types. I will employ this experience to further your interests and fight for the outcome you need. If you are facing this possibility or are already involved in the appeals process in Ohio, you should not navigate this process without an aggressive advocate by your side.