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February 2017 Archives

Engineers are not exempt from professional malpractice claims

Are you prepared for litigation against your professional activities? Although most people associate malpractice litigation with the medical field, the truth is that engineers, accountants, construction professionals and even marketers could suffer penalties thanks to civil litigation. Engineers, because of their role in designing and constructing public structures, are at a particularly high risk of professional litigation. Here's what you need to know about defending yourself against engineering professional malpractice.

Nurses: Keep professional licensure healthy with legal precaution

Nurses and other medical professionals have a responsibility to their patients, but they also need to remain cognizant of their own health -- namely, their legal health. Professional licensure comes along with special risks that nurses should be prepared to manage. Taking the time to review your legal rights and responsibilities in the new year can help protect you and prepare you for disciplinary action defense.

Pharm tech licensing on the horizon

Many people say they do not like their jobs, but perhaps you are one of the few who enjoys the work you do, the customers you meet and the people with whom you work. Being a pharmacy technician can be demanding, but it can also be rewarding. You may love the position you have or aspire to work your way through pharmacy school.

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