Many people say they do not like their jobs, but perhaps you are one of the few who enjoys the work you do, the customers you meet and the people with whom you work. Being a pharmacy technician can be demanding, but it can also be rewarding. You may love the position you have or aspire to work your way through pharmacy school.

In Ohio, as in most states, concern about prescription drug abuse may mean extra checks and balances have been instituted in your pharmacy to prevent people from getting their hands on dangerous and addictive drugs. Lawmakers are ready to go a step further, however, and they are pointing the finger at you.

Hardworking professionals

Pharmacy technicians are the support system in busy drugstores. Pharmacists rely on you and your colleagues to complete important responsibilities to keep the business running smoothly:

  • Data entry
  • Retrieving medications from storage
  • Counting out pills
  • Restocking shelves
  • Taking phone calls
  • Other tasks as the pharmacist requests

There are over 42,000 pharmacy technicians in the state. Unfortunately, according to data from the Ohio Board of Pharmacy, technicians are responsible for one-third of all pharmacy drug thefts. Because many of those who are caught stealing medication go to treatment instead of jail, the crime does not always come to light when a pharmacy does a background check for employment. Consequently, a pharmacy tech who loses a job for stealing drugs can easily find work in another pharmacy.

Proposed solution

While you may have paid a fair sum of money for your certification, Ohio is one of only a few states that do not require licenses for pharmacy technicians. Lawmakers want to change that, requiring you to become licensed and registered with the state Board of Pharmacy.

Having technicians licensed and registered will give the state more oversight and prevent technicians with addiction issues from continuing to work with medications. While being licensed may provide your profession with more benefits, you will also be under closer scrutiny. Accusations of any kind of misconduct may not only cost you your job, but may make it impossible for you to find another position as a pharmacy technician.

If this popular bill passes into law, obtaining, renewing and keeping your pharmacy technician license will become an important concern. You may have many questions about licensing procedures and administrative law. Consulting an attorney will provide you with help in finding answers to your questions. A lawyer with proven success handling licensing disputes can represent you in all areas of your professional pursuits.