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March 2017 Archives

Ohio reviews professional licensure rules for military spouses

Having difficulty with your career licensure because you are in a military family? The state of Ohio could soon have legislation that can help. Political leaders in Ohio are working to create a plan that would remove barriers for active-duty service members and their spouses to obtain professional licensure in the state. The legislation is designed to speed the licensure process, including those associated for newcomers that need to apply for license permissions.

Protecting yourself from business civil litigation

Risk management - it sounds like a scary term, but the idea of learning to manage your risk allows you to identify potential issues for your business. One of those risks, of course, is civil litigation. Whether you are a sole proprietor or the owner of a large corporation, you face risk in your business. Here are a few ways to help you avoid litigation in your professional dealings.

Is your medical license at risk?

The time when you were a medical student may seem like a lifetime ago. All those years of study, hard work and perseverance finally paid off, and you earned a license to practice medicine in Ohio. Many doctors say they enjoy their work and are very satisfied with their careers. Others frequently lament the downsides of the profession, including long hours, lack of personal time and high-stress situations.

What preventive measures can protect your professional licensure?

What do you do when a legal proceeding threatens your professional license? Professional licensure is a privilege afforded to those in the medical, accounting, engineering, and other fields - but it is vulnerable to legal attack from those clients or other entities that perceive themselves as being wronged. Taking some preventive action today can help you avoid the massive professional and financial impact that can come along with facing legal attacks to your license.

Appeals court considers backpack searching, privacy case

When it comes to the legal right to protection from search and seizure, we often consider DUI or criminal defense cases relating to adults - but what about children's rights to privacy? An appeals court in Ohio is now considering that very issue by evaluating the legality of a backpack search at a high school that yielded the discovery of bullets and a gun. The court needs to determine whether the search complied with the "reasonable suspicion" standard traditionally used at schools - a less-stringent standard than the "probable cause" bar that is set for issues outside of educational environments. The case is currently being considered by the state supreme court after prosecutors decided to fight the criminal appeals court decision.

New administrative law rules in store for SEC filings

When it comes to gathering information for your professional services litigation case, economic authorities are often more harmful than helpful. New administrative law measures from the Securities and Exchange Commission could change that, though, with new regulations that provide additional information for the "forgotten investor." Too often, experts say, investors struggle to find company information in lengthy public filings. A new set of requirements could provide more transparency, allowing investors to make better personal decisions with regards to their administrative litigation.

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