The time when you were a medical student may seem like a lifetime ago. All those years of study, hard work and perseverance finally paid off, and you earned a license to practice medicine in Ohio. Many doctors say they enjoy their work and are very satisfied with their careers. Others frequently lament the downsides of the profession, including long hours, lack of personal time and high-stress situations.

That’s not to mention the challenges many doctors face when patients file medical malpractice claims against them or incidents occur to place their licenses in jeopardy. Sometimes you can rectify such situations, but it’s usually not so easy to do. Understanding what can place you at risk for losing your license in the first place may help you avoid problems down the line.

Situations like these may cost you your license

Patients who entrust themselves to your medical care obviously have a right to reasonably assume that you will provide treatment according to the utmost level of safety standards. It’s no secret that part of being a good doctor involves integrity. That’s not to say doctors are perfect or have some sort of superpowers. They (and you, of course) are merely humans, capable of making mistakes and poor choices in life. Following is a list of theoretical situations that may place your medical license at risk:

· Overstepping your bounds: If you prescribe medication for patients outside your demographic practice area or give professional medical advice beyond your scope of specialty, you can land in hot water with regulatory officials.

· Behavior that renders you impaired: It’s no secret that many doctors fall under the same temptations their patients face regarding prescription drug and/or alcohol addiction. If your ability to practice medicine becomes impaired due to substance abuse, your license may be at risk.

· Patient claims of misconduct: Any time patients accuse a doctor of misconduct, it’s a serious situation. If courts convict doctors of negligence or inappropriate conduct, they may be required to surrender their licenses as penalties.

You’ve likely heard the saying, “Everything is not always as it seems.” Many doctors have had patients who question their conduct or decisions, only to have the courts find them innocent of all charges against them. Going through the process can be extremely stressful and overwhelming at times, not to mention the fact that even if the court finds you innocent, your reputation may already be damaged if word got out that there was some form of disciplinary action taken against you.

An Ohio attorney who has administrative law experience understands the intricacies of licensure. As your personal advocate, an attorney also understands that you may have a lot on the line, including your career, professional and personal reputation, and your freedom. Others who have successfully defended their licenses have often done so by acting alongside skilled and aggressive representation in court.