Having difficulty with your career licensure because you are in a military family? The state of Ohio could soon have legislation that can help. Political leaders in Ohio are working to create a plan that would remove barriers for active-duty service members and their spouses to obtain professional licensure in the state. The legislation is designed to speed the licensure process, including those associated for newcomers that need to apply for license permissions.

One problem that military members and their spouses face is the lengthy professional licensure process in Ohio – sometimes, applicants can wait for up to two years. This prohibits military spouses from entering the workforce in their state. Barriers exist for professionals such as engineers, physicians and attorneys, but they can also affect teachers, social workers and hairstylists, among others.

Legislators are taking action after a study revealed that many military spouses in Ohio struggle to join the workforce because of the work required to apply for a license. This affects the state’s economic growth and limits efforts to support military personnel, say the lawmakers. Statistics show that about three out of every four military spouses require help with license transfer or other professional licensure matters when they relocate.

Sometimes, license transfer is relatively easy, but other situations present more complicated requirements. These new laws have not yet passed, but they are up for consideration by the state’s lawmakers. Until the improved regulations are approved, those seeking license transfer may need additional legal support from a team of qualified professional attorneys. Getting help with your license transfer could mean that you are able to get to work faster with your new Ohio employer.

Source: Dayton Daily News, “Ohio may make it easier for military spouses to get job credentials,” Barrie Barber, March 08, 2017