Do you know the types of violations that could lead to your professional license being revoked or suspended? Many Ohio residents do not understand the risks that come along with their professional licensure, and they are caught off-guard when a legal proceeding threatens their livelihood. Making sure you have a strong disciplinary action defense can make the difference in your continued ability to do your job.

Can I get my license suspended because of activities in which I engage outside of work? Absolutely. A recent case out of Pennsylvania saw one nurse’s license suspended because she was allegedly addicted to alcohol, narcotic or hallucinogenic drugs. Two other nurses suffered a similar fate because of their off-the-job alcohol use. Substance use outside of work can absolutely jeopardize your professional license, or even your ability to apply for license.

What is the likelihood that I will be caught and have to surrender my professional license? Although we cannot say for sure that certain types of professionals are at a higher risk for censure, we can say that hundreds of Ohio residents are subject to disciplinary actions every year in Ohio. These are often taken on behalf of licensing boards and governing entities.

What should I do if I need help with disciplinary action defense? Defending yourself against claims of drug use or other misdeeds can seem like a daunting task if you try to “go it alone.” Consider enlisting the help of a qualified attorney to help you with a disciplinary action defense. Your livelihood is nothing to trifle with, and you have a right to have your perspective heard in court. Do not become another statistic.

Source: Standard Speaker, “License suspension for local nurses,” April 14, 2017