You worked hard to earn your professional license. Whether you are a physician, real estate professional, cosmetologist or engineer, you care about maintaining your professional licensure. That is why it is so distressing for our Ohio clients to learn that someone may have been compromising the quality and significance of their license. Unfortunately, some believe that posing as a licensed professional can benefit them – those people should be called to task. For example, a Boston-area man is now facing criminal charges because he posed as a real estate agent and took advantage of his clients.

The man, age 42, is accused of pretending to hold a broker’s license and preying on people who were facing foreclosure. The man offered to help the victims by selling their homes on a short sale, but he never made good on his promise. Instead, the defendant is accused of keeping deposits that he had been paid by the desperate homeowners. He had told the homeowners that he would hold the funds in escrow pending the purchase of their houses, but he used the money for personal purchases. In all, the man is accused of stealing about $50,000 from area residents.

Your professional licensure means something for both you and your clients. Defendants like this unscrupulous man are the very reason that licensure is required in the first place for your profession. Make sure that you are not operating outside of the law like this defendant by properly following license transfer regulations and sticking to the rules when you apply for license protections. Taking care of your professional license and acting ethically means that you are less likely to end up facing criminal charges like the defendant described here.

Source:, “Roxbury Man Charged in Connection with Posing as a Real Estate Broker and Stealing from Potential Homebuyers,” Emily Snyder, April 24, 2017