A former state representative is in danger of losing his professional auctioneer license because of a criminal proceeding. Rep. Steve Kraus is going through the appeals process for alleged theft. He claims that the prosecution was politically motivated and calculated to keep him out of a political seat. The outcome of the criminal case could determine whether Kraus can continue as an auctioneer and realtor — people with felony convictions cannot hold this type of licensure.

Official reports show that the man has filed an appeal with the Ohio Supreme Court, but state agencies are moving to rescind his license before the criminal case is over. Authorities from the Ohio Department of Agriculture say that they are wanting to repeal his license, but the former politician is fighting the action. Kraus argues that he is being treated unfairly because his criminal case has not yet concluded.

Understandably, an auctioneer accused and convicted of theft should probably face consequences. Those include protective measures designed to benefit the public — honesty is paramount in real estate and auctioneer-related professions. However, defendants who have not yet had their case closed by the criminal courts should have the right to retain their licenses even though they have been accused of a crime. Defendants are not automatically considered guilty — and those defendants deserve a chance to maintain their livelihood.

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Source: Sandusky Register, “Kraus’ livelihood on the line,” Patrick Pfanner, May 12, 2017