Just how important is your professional license as a nurse? For many of us, professional licensure determines our ability to make a living – and any threat to it can pose an administrative law nightmare. Trying to defend your professional licensure on your own after a mistake or misstep can be exhausting. That is why you should consider seeking the help of administrative litigation specialists.

What types of issues can arise when it comes to your professional license? You could end up having your license challenged after a medication or procedural error at your job. What happens if you administer the incorrect medication to a patient, and that patient suffers serious injury or dies as a result? That is an offense that could cause you to lose your job. If you have the right team to protect you from litigation, however, you could have a much more favorable outcome.

Consider the case of a 19-year nursing veteran who was reprimanded because a CNA on her team failed to put batteries in a medical monitoring device. That nurse was officially investigated and faced serious consequences because telemetry data was not being received on the patient for a significant period of time. The woman realized how serious the accusations were, and so she sought help from her professional organizations and an attorney. The nurse ultimately was able to continue practicing with only a minor setback because she had legal representation.

If you choose to face the board of nursing in Ohio on your own, you could face more significant consequences. Choosing to seek the help of an attorney can provide you with the support and assistance you need to seek the outcome you deserve. Do not let your professional license be put in jeopardy because of an overly aggressive disciplinary board.

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