As an Ohio nurse, you know how important it is to follow guidelines, provide quality care to patients and meet the standards required by the licensing board and your employer. However, accidents can happen and mistakes may be made, but that does not mean that you are unqualified to provide care to the sick or injured.

If you are facing a disciplinary action for any reason, you have the right to defend yourself and protect your career and livelihood. However, you would be wise not to face disciplinary action on your own. Instead, you would find it beneficial to seek the guidance of an experienced Ohio attorney who can help you protect your job and your long-term interests.

What kind of disciplinary action

One of the things that is most frightening when facing disciplinary action is the fact that you may be unsure of what to expect. Some of the things that the board could levy against you include:

  • Fines or civil penalty
  • State-specific systems
  • Referral to disciplinary program
  • Monitoring, remediation, education or other provision
  • Suspension or temporary removal from practice
  • Public reprimand

While in most cases, the goal and the intent of the disciplinary board is to rehabilitate and allow a person to return to work, it is possible that the board could threaten to take your license completely. No matter what situation you find yourself, you always have the right to fight back and work to shield yourself from disciplinary action from the board.

You would be wise to remember that in order to suspend or take your license away, there must be clear evidence of wrongdoing or negligence. You also have the right to present evidence for your own benefit and work with an experienced attorney to fight back against the allegations against you.

How can you defend yourself? 

As a nurse, you have dedicated your career to helping people and providing care to those in need. Any threat to your ability to do this is disheartening and may ultimately affect your ability to earn a living.

Accusations of any type of professional misconduct can be embarrassing and overwhelming. With the right help, however, it may be possible to avoid some of the financial and professional consequences of this type of accusation. You have worked hard to get the education and professional license that you need to work as a nurse, and you have the right to secure the help of an attorney to protect what you have earned.