There is a time and place for a boozy brunch – and it probably is not while you are teaching a group of children. Several area teachers have learned that lesson the hard way, and their professional licensure could now be at risk because they were found drinking during a break from a summer camp program. News outlets in Toledo, Ohio, report that the Michigan teachers are accused of leaving a sixth-grade camp to drink alcohol.

Investigators have not stated exactly where the teachers went or why they decided to drink during a school day, but the effects of the teachers’ actions are sure to be long-lasting. Five of the seven teachers chose to resign from their positions. They will be paid through mid-June, but they will not be permitted to return to work after that. All of the teachers were put on administrative leave and are prohibited from returning to their buildings, according to news outlets. School officials say that the safety and security of the children they serve are the most important considerations, so the drinking incident is being taken very seriously.

So often, when it comes to talking about disciplinary action defense, we consider health care professionals and other medical practitioners. However, teachers are also licensed in their discipline, and they deserve defense to protect their professional licensure from attack. Teachers depend on their licensure to be able to work, so disciplinary action defense is crucial.

Defendants who are facing the loss of their livelihood through the loss of professional licensure need legal experts to help them understand their rights and options. Everyone makes mistakes, but you do not have to lose your professional license because of a misstep. A team of attorneys can help you learn more about your rights, allowing you to defend yourself and stay afloat.

Source: ABC 13, “Washington Local Schools investigation finds 7 teachers left school camp to consume alcohol,” May 26, 2017