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Were you accused of practicing your trade without a license?

Federal and state laws provide the United States governments and state governments with the ability to enforce professional licensing standards. This means that certain regulated fields and industries may require that the individuals who work in them have special licensing.

How to avoid professional malpractice in Ohio

Professional malpractice is a serious issue that many people face during their careers. It can be avoided, but other professionals find it difficult to avoid even if they work their hardest to protect themselves. Here are some tips for avoiding professional malpractice in Ohio.

Transferring a professional engineering license in Ohio

Working in a profession that requires a license means that your every move will be under scrutiny. Professional boards review licenses, behavior and other issues that arise in their professions in order to keep license holders responsible. When license holders violate terms of their licensure, or fail to follow the rules of their profession, they could lose that license. Transferring a license is also important when the professional decides to move.

Protecting your nursing license from disciplinary complaints

Your choice of nursing as a career likely came from very personal factors and events in your life. Most likely, there are many days when you feel good about the help you can provide and the difference you make in your patients' lives. Nurses are truly on the front line of many life and death battles.

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