Professional malpractice is a serious issue that many people face during their careers. It can be avoided, but other professionals find it difficult to avoid even if they work their hardest to protect themselves. Here are some tips for avoiding professional malpractice in Ohio.

Communication is the most vital part of protecting your professional license and avoiding a malpractice claim. The more you communicate with patients or clients, the better they will be able to understand your decisions and why they were made in the first place.

Proper documentation can also help you avoid a malpractice claim against your license. The documentation must be unambiguous and explicit so that it cannot be construed against you in a court of law.

For doctors, specifically surgeons, be sure to always obtain informed consent prior to performing an operation. Informed consent should be obtained by the patient, or the patient’s guardian if they are not of legal age yet. This is the process of discussing all parts of the procedure prior to actually performing it.

Any industry that requires you to hold a professional license will have some form of standards for you to follow when practicing. You need to stay informed as to any updates to those professional standards and ensure that you are practicing the most recent ones at all times.

A follow-up with your patient or client is important to avoiding professional malpractice in Ohio. This helps you receive valuable feedback you can use the next time you meet in person with them or any other patient/client. The follow-up also allows you the opportunity to answer their questions and explain the situation more in-depth.

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