Working as a teacher is hectic, stressful, challenging and fulfilling all at once. No matter the district in which you work, there will be issues with other teachers, administration and students that cause you to think about a career change. If you plan to stay in the classroom, here are some tips for protecting your teaching license in the state of Ohio.

The first thing you must do, especially when teaching for the first time, is to make sure your classroom is a safe place for the students. Remove all hazards from the classroom not associated with instruction. Teachers must also warn students of activities that can lead to injuries or other issues that might not be safe.

A teacher is expected to provide the same care as his or her coworkers to all students in the classroom. It’s a good idea to look at how other teachers in your school run their classroom and care for their students. Copying what these teachers do to keep the children safe will only help you decrease the chances of having your teaching license challenged.

It shouldn’t have to be stated, but sadly it does; avoid negligent behavior at all costs. This includes leaving your class unsupervised for a period of time, sending students outside of the school without supervision and much more. A teacher owes a student a duty of care. Make sure you provide that duty of care at all times.

No matter how long you’ve been teaching, issues can arise that jeopardize your teaching license. Learn how to protect your professional license with the help of an experienced administrative law attorney in Cleveland.

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