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What should I expect in civil litigation?

If you are facing civil litigation for any reason, you likely are scared, stressed and concerned about what comes next. Not all civil litigation cases will make it in front of a judge, as many will be settled out of court or dropped. So, what should you expect in civil litigation?

Straight up facts about your liquor license

Owning your own bar or restaurant has likely been a dream for a long time. Restaurant work is difficult, but if you love the idea of standing behind a bar while your patrons have a good time, it is worth the effort. Maybe you are looking forward to having regulars who plan their weeks around a night out at your bar, know you by name and tell their friends what a fun place you have.

How to apply for an educator administrator license in Ohio

Working in education in the state of Ohio is rewarding, challenging and stressful all at once. In order to teach in the public schools of Ohio, you must be properly licensed. If you'd like to earn a promotion to an administrative position, you will need to acquire an administrator license. Here's how you can apply for such a license in the state.

An overview of dental licensure in Ohio

Obtaining a dental license in the state of Ohio is a legal requirement. One cannot operate a dental practice, or work in a practice without being properly licensed. The process usually occurs just once in a person's professional life, but it's never out of the realm of possibility to go through licensure a second or subsequent time. Here's a brief overview of dental licensure in Ohio.

How can an attorney help me defend my professional practice?

Running a professional practice, no matter the industry, takes a lot of focus and commitment. You need to have a license in that profession in order to operate a practice legally. You must also ensure that the license is kept in good standing. Issues can arise with your professional practice without warning. Here's how an attorney can help you defend the practice.

The grounds for criminal appeals in Ohio

Being charged with a crime does not have to mean the end of the road for you in Ohio. Aside from various defenses you can use to fight the charges, or have them reduced, you are always open to appealing the ruling issued by the first court to hear your case. Here are the grounds for criminal appeals in Ohio.

Medical marijuana policies for physicians go into effect soon

Research shows that marijuana can help patients suffering from certain ailments. As a result, many states have passed laws, making the use of marijuana for certain medical conditions allowable. This happened here in Ohio in 2016. The deadline for the state's medical board to finalize the rules for physicians is right around the corner.

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