Working in education in the state of Ohio is rewarding, challenging and stressful all at once. In order to teach in the public schools of Ohio, you must be properly licensed. If you’d like to earn a promotion to an administrative position, you will need to acquire an administrator license. Here’s how you can apply for such a license in the state.

In order to apply for an administrator license, the candidate must do so using the CORE licensure system found in the ODE.CORE system from the state of Ohio using their SAFE Account. To apply for a brand new license, the applicant must select “start a new application.” If they are renewing a license, they must select “renew a credential” in the system.

The two categories of licenses in Ohio for administrators are available for five-year periods. The two categories are professional administrator license and school treasurer and school business manager license. The first category covers superintendents, principals and administrative specialists. All candidates must have a master’s degree that was obtained from an accredited university.

Candidates must also meet the following requirements:

  • Successfully complete a preparation program
  • Provide a recommendation from the dean of the school where the program took place
  • Complete the exam on Educational Leadership from the Ohio Assessment for Educators
  • Principals must have taught for two years in a school with the grade levels where they are applying
  • Superintendents must have three years of experience as a principal or hold an administrative specialist license

Professional licenses in the education field and other fields are vital to your success. You must protect your license if you wish to continue working. If your license is in jeopardy of being suspended or revoked, speak with an experienced professional licensure attorney in Cleveland.

Source: Ohio Department of Education, “Administrator Licenses,” accessed Sep. 22, 2017