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October 2017 Archives

Requirements for social worker license in Ohio

If you are considering a career as a social worker in Ohio, you will want to perform a little research prior to making the move. As with any other career, it's best to find out about the salary history, the availability of jobs and the requirements of the profession. For example, did you know that social workers need to be licensed? Here are those requirements for Ohio.

How do I protect my liquor license?

Running a business with a liquor license comes with quite a bit of responsibility. You will need to be vigilant in not overserving customers and not serving underage patrons. Despite all of your vigilance, accidents and innocent incidents can still happen. So, how do I protect my liquor license?

How to protect your teaching license

Working as a teacher is one of the most thankless and stressful jobs out there today. You are responsible for not only teaching the youth of Ohio, but also responsible for keeping them safe while in your care. Here are some important tips for protecting your teaching license in Cleveland.

Ohio pawnbrokers face tough changes to licensing rules

Among the many businesses in Ohio that require a license, most people would not consider pawnbrokers. However, as a business owner, you know how carefully the state government regulates your industry. The driving force behind strict licensing requirements for any profession is the protection of the public. It is no different for pawnbrokers.

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