Running a business with a liquor license comes with quite a bit of responsibility. You will need to be vigilant in not over serving customers and not serving underage patrons. Despite all of your vigilance, accidents and innocent incidents can still happen. So, how do I protect my liquor license?

You must recognize all behaviors that can lead to a review of your liquor license, which includes serving clientele who are already visibly intoxicated and serving underage patrons. You will need to train your employees to recognize this behavior and put a stop to it immediately. This can involve removing patrons from your establishment to protect the license.

If an investigation is opened into your liquor license, be sure you cooperate with the investigation. As you cooperate, be sure to consult with an administrative law attorney because the investigation is likely in response to a subsequent agency action. Any mistakes made during the investigation can come back to haunt you later on down the road.

You need to respond to the notice of action by the enforcement division agency. If you are found to have violated the rules regarding your liquor license, you will be notified by the agency regarding a hearing or an offer for voluntary resolution on your part.

Once all of this has cleared, and if you get to retain your liquor license, you will need to recognize smart business practices when serving alcohol. This includes being more vigilant regarding minors and other patrons.

Is your liquor license in danger of being revoked? An experienced administrative law attorney in Cleveland can help you protect your liquor license so that you do not have to shutter your business.

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