If you’ve been involved in a civil case that has led to a court appearance, it’s likely you don’t agree with the decision issued. Civil cases, like criminal cases, can be appealed. Here’s how you can appeal a civil decision in the state of Ohio.

There are three ways you can appeal a civil case ruling: appeal after ruling made by lower court, appeal as either party of the original lawsuit or appeal if an error was made by the lower court.

In order to file an appeal, you must do so within the time allotted. Most jurisdictions require you file an appeal to a civil case ruling 30 days from the date the court issued the ruling. Should you miss the filing deadline, your appeal will be thrown out and you will lose the right to file an appeal.

When you go to file the appeal, you must file notice of the appeal with the appropriate court. In some instances, you will need to file notice with the lower court, which will then file notice with a higher court. You can now file supplemental documents, if required, with the appeal.

The other parties involved in the case must be served with notice of an appeal. Follow all of the directions issued in the civil case ruling even if you file an appeal. You can do so by filing a “supersedes” bond.

After you file the appeal, be sure to acquire a transcript of the lower court’s proceedings.

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