If you are considering a career as a social worker in Ohio, you will want to perform a little research prior to making the move. As with any other career, it’s best to find out about the salary history, the availability of jobs and the requirements of the profession. For example, did you know that social workers need to be licensed? Here are those requirements for Ohio.

The first step in becoming a licensed social worker in Ohio is obtaining your bachelor’s in social work (BSW). There is no other way around receiving your license. You must have a BSW before you can begin the registration process for a license.

The application to become a licensed social worker in Ohio is done online and requires a fee to be paid of $60. After the application has been submitted, you can submit a request for a form that provides exam preapproval. When you submit this request, it must be done with copies of your driver’s license, a letter of from your college that shows you are in good standing or a copy of your transcript.

Once Ohio approves you to take the test, you can then take the test that is for the bachelor level. If you pass this test, you must then take the laws and rules test offered by the Board. If you pass this test, you must submit your transcripts to the Ohio Counselor and Social Work Board. The next step is passing a couple of background checks.

If you pass the tests, submit your transcripts and pass the background checks, you will be issued a social worker license in Ohio.

Has your efforts to become a licensed social worker in Ohio hit a roadblock? Visit our site to learn about professional licensure, how an attorney can help and how you can appeal license decisions in the state of Ohio.