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November 2017 Archives

Explaining professional licenses and certifications

As you work on deciding which degree you will pursue in college you will want to know if your chosen career path will require a license or certification. There are a host of different professions that require either a license or a certification in order to hold those jobs. Today, we will explain professional licenses and certifications in Cleveland.

Port Clinton settles harassment suit filed by former worker

The City of Port Clinton has settled a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a former city employee. The lawsuit was filed against the city's former mayor. The amount reached in the settlement was not disclosed in the announcement. The lawsuit was dismissed on Nov. 13 when paperwork was filed in the Common Pleas Court of Ottawa County.

How do I choose an appeals attorney?

As you prepare to file an appeal, either civil or criminal, it's best that you have an experienced appeals attorney by your side. This is not a legal situation that you should handle on your own. It is too much of a serious situation, especially when filing a criminal appeal. Your freedom is at stake in these cases. So, how do you choose an appeals attorney?

Issues that could threaten your nursing license

As a nurse, you have dedicated your career to helping the sick and injured. Ohio nurses have a particular responsibility to provide quality care, yet there are times when issues arise and you must make on-the-spot decisions regarding patient care. Due to the pressure and immense responsibilities of this job, nurses may make mistakes or do things that go against regulations.

Ways in which an attorney can help your business

If you have decided to start your own business, you've obviously done plenty of research and spoken with a host of different professionals. Opening a business, no matter the industry, can be challenging and stressful. There's so much to get done before you can begin operations and it just doesn't end there. A smart move to make is to partner with an attorney in Cleveland when opening a business.

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