As a nurse, you have dedicated your career to helping the sick and injured. Ohio nurses have a particular responsibility to provide quality care, yet there are times when issues arise and you must make on-the-spot decisions regarding patient care. Due to the pressure and immense responsibilities of this job, nurses may make mistakes or do things that go against regulations.

There are many ways that you may find your license in jeopardy. Whether you made a mistake, broke a rule or believe you are innocent of the accusations against you, you would be wise to take quick action. Regardless of the circumstances of your case, you have the right to defend your license and protect your right to work in your career of choice.

What is threatening your license?

Nurses can face various different challenges to their nursing licenses. Some of the most common include the following:

  • Violating privacy policies: Patients have the right to privacy, and a nurse can face serious trouble when telling the wrong person certain information, even if he or she does not have any ill intent.
  • Taking medication: Diverting is the act of taking medication intended for patient use. You could lose your license for this, even if the medication was not a controlled substance, such as narcotics.
  • Negligence: You could lose your nursing license if you fail to act on behalf of a patient when you should have done so. Negligence can result in serious harm to the patient, and nurses can get into serious trouble for it.

If your nursing license is under threat because of any of above reasons, you do not simply resign yourself to the fact that you may no longer be a nurse. Instead, you would be wise to act quickly to defend yourself and your license, securing the appropriate help needed to shield yourself against the penalties of alleged misconduct.

When your career is at stake

If you are facing accusations of misconduct or you are already dealing with a suspension of your license, you do not have to face it alone. You worked hard to become a nurse, and you have the right to protect your career.

When your career and your job is at stake, it is prudent to have qualified and experienced legal guidance working on your behalf. Defending against various types of disciplinary action is possible, and you have the right to know all of the options available to you.