Many professional occupations are subject to the oversight of an administrative agency. When disputes arise between an agency and a professional, some people may mistakenly assume that since the proceedings don’t necessarily follow the same lines as criminal and civil cases, then they aren’t as important.

Nothing could be further from the truth. An agency’s decision could affect your livelihood. Facing disciplinary action can be a frustrating and intimidating process. It may not be a good idea to go into proceedings without some experienced help. Even the terminology is different in administrative law.

The vocabulary

You may hear one or more of the following terms in your dealings with an administrative agency:

  • Agency: Congress establishes regulatory bodies called agencies that it tasks with writing, enforcing and monitoring its regulations.
  • Administrative law judge: This type of judge only presides over cases involving a particular agency. This means that this type of judge probably understands the agency’s rules and regulations and knows how to apply them. Instead of having some knowledge about a variety of topics, this judge has intimate knowledge of one area.
  • Hearing: Many people hear the term “hearing” in administrative law and fail to realize that this is more akin to a trial in other courts. Sides present evidence and arguments and then the administrative law judge or review board makes a decision.

There is an appeals process as well in case you do not receive the outcome you believe should have occurred.

The administrative law attorney

It’s important to know that this area of law has its own distinct rules and processes. An attorney who does not ordinarily practice in this area may not be familiar with how it works, which could jeopardize your case. Since your ability to work and support yourself and your family is at stake, it may make sense to find someone who regularly practices in this area and, perhaps, has related certification who could provide you with invaluable assistance.

You may not only face administrative action at the federal level. You could also find yourself facing disciplinary action at the state level. If you face administrative action as a lawyer, doctor, nurse or any other profession requiring a license, you may determine that an Ohio administrative law attorney would best serve your interests. If your hearing did not go the way you planned, you may have more success when having a legal advocate by your side for your appeal.