When you practice medicine, either as a doctor or a physician’s assistant (PA), the state of Ohio authorizes the State Medical Board of Ohio to handle all issues regarding your licensing and discipline. This board does more than only issue licensing requirements for the state. They also handle complaints from the public and respond to issues that could compromise a professional’s ability to do one’s job.

One such issue is a claim that a medical professional is an addict, especially cases of opiate or opioid addiction. If there is concern that a doctor or PA may be diverting medication from patients, stealing drugs from an employer or otherwise seeking medication in a questionable manner, the Board will likely require your presence at a meeting.

While receiving a letter requesting your presence for a hearing can be nerve-wracking, it doesn’t mean that you will automatically lose your license. You have the opportunity to present your side of the situation and mount a defense to maintain your license. With a calm and considered approach, many medical professionals can successfully defend against claims that could cost their state license.

Going into this kind of hearing alone can prove to be a mistake. After all, your license is what allows you to turn your many years of education into a career with a livable salary. Losing your license could mean the loss of your job. Also, losing your license in one state could make it difficult to practice medicine even if you move to another state in the future.

Addiction is a major issue for society, and claims of addiction while working in the medical field are serious allegations. Don’t risk your future or your career by simply hoping for the best outcome. Seek professional legal help from an experienced attorney.