Holding a professional license does not mean that you are free to work for the rest of your career without any issues. If you commit an unethical or illegal act you could risk losing your license for good. You can also risk losing your license for a specific amount of time. Either way, the licensing board that issues your license will contact you regarding an investigation. So, what should you do if contacted by the licensing board regarding an investigation?

It’s in your best interest to reach out to the carrier of your malpractice insurance policy when you receive notice from the board of an investigation. This very well could be a requirement named in your malpractice insurance policy anyway.

You need to be active in the defense of your professional license. Do not sit idly by and hope that the board will either drop the investigation or that your administrative law attorney will be able to handle it themselves. The more active you are in the case, the likelier it is that you will be able to fight the charges.

You and your administrative law attorney need to identify expert witnesses in your field who can review your case and help testify on your behalf at any hearings. The use of an expert witness can mean the difference between losing your license and having the case dropped.

If you have received notice from your licensing board that an investigation will be conducted into your actions it’s best to follow the tips outlined here. You should never ignore an investigation or notice from the board in Ohio. This will only further complicate matters.

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