Ohio, along with other states, has legalized medical marijuana. However, this does not mean that just anyone can set up a shop to sell medical marijuana. Those who wish to operate a medical marijuana dispensary must be licensed to do so. And, obtaining such a license is proving to be difficult.

The state was supposed to announce on May 30, which of the 376 medical marijuana dispensary applicants would be granted a license to sell medical marijuana. However, this decision has been pushed back to June. According to the Ohio Board of Pharmacy, more time is needed to perform background checks and ensure that the dispensaries are located 500 feet or more away from prohibited locations, including churches and schools. The state’s medical marijuana program is slated to begin on September 8.

This may be seen as a setback for those wishing to obtain a medical marijuana dispensary license. Such licenses are mandatory for these facilities to operate. But, as of right now the state is only allowing 57 licenses to be issued.

Therefore, ensuring one complies with the application process is essential. Those seeking a license to sell medical marijuana must understand that the licensing system is still in its beginning stages. Fortunately, those who have applied to operate a medical marijuana dispensary and have had their applications denied may be able to appeal the decision.

Many people in Ohio are anxiously awaiting the opening of medical marijuana dispensaries. However, due to some delays in the process, some dispensaries may not be operational by June. However, those dispensaries that are operational will be of great benefit to those in Ohio who have a medical condition that could be helped through the use of medical marijuana.