While Ohio’s medical marijuana program is still in its infancy, medical marijuana clinics have begun to open their doors. Even though cultivators have not even begun growing medical marijuana yet and dispensaries have a long way to go before they can begin filling prescriptions, doctors and clinics want to get a head start on creating awareness among patients who could benefit from this treatment and getting them enrolled in the program early.

This Is Going To Be Hectic

According to an article from ABC 6, only 139 doctors have been approved to prescribe medical marijuana to patients in Ohio. More will likely be approved in the coming months, but critics are concerned about the slow pace at which the state is granting approvals. Many are worried that there will not be enough clinics ready to go to fulfill the demand that will exist for medical marijuana, leaving everyone involved scrambling to meet the need.

By opening their doors now, clinics are cementing their place in the medical marijuana industry infrastructure and building a client base. When the medical marijuana is grown and ready to be dispensed, the clinics that have gotten an early start may be better prepared to usher their patients through the process efficiently, while clinics that wait until all other elements are in place to open may have a challenge getting prescriptions filled for their patients.

Doctors, clinics and other businesses entering into the medical marijuana industry may benefit from working with a skilled attorney who can offer guidance on licensing and business operations so they too can be positioned for success as the gears start rolling more smoothly in the state’s medical marijuana system.