It’s a historic time for the cannabis industry. Legalization of medical marijuana has swept across the nation in recent years, with approvals in the majority of states and hints that federal decriminalization may soon follow. Recreational use, too, has been legalized in a growing number of states.

For entrepreneurs and investors, these developments represent a major opportunity. Dispensaries, grow operations, testing labs and processing facilities are taking off in Ohio and elsewhere.

However, to succeed in this high-stakes industry, you have to know how to overcome the numerous regulatory hurdles that stand in your way.

The Patton Law Firm recently published a free white paper addressing this topic. Entitled “Tricky Business: Navigating Regulatory Obstacles In The Cannabis Industry,” it outlines what businesses, investors and entrepreneurs should know about the cannabis industry.

Attorney David Patton focuses exclusively on this niche area of practice. He represents marijuana businesses domestically and internationally.