At times, the Ohio state board of pharmacy will accept applications for the operation of medical marijuana dispensaries in the state. While some may be eager to open their own dispensary, it is important that they meet all the requirements necessary to obtain a license, so they can legally operate in the state.

The state board of pharmacy will give notice of when they are accepting applications for new medical marijuana dispensaries in the state. When one submits their application, however, the board may request that the applicant provide it with further information needed to process and completely investigate the application. The applicant has five calendar days after being informed that they must submit further information in which to do so. If the applicant does not do so within the required timeframe, then their application will be considered “abandoned.”

An abandoned application is defined as an application for a provisional dispensary license that does not meet all the necessary requirements within five calendar days of receiving notice that the application is lacking certain information or is otherwise incomplete. The state board of pharmacy does not have to take any further action once an application is abandoned and may destroy it.

Therefore, it is important for anyone applying for a dispensary license in Ohio to ensure that their application is complete and meets all necessary requirements. If they fail to do so, their application may be considered abandoned, and they will not be able to obtain a provisional license based on that application. Since applying for a license to operate a dispensary can be complicated, those wishing to do so may want to seek the professional guidance they need to present the strongest application possible.