While it is labeled a controlled substance, marijuana can b possessed and used legally in the U.S.; however, this is dependent on the location and purpose. Many individuals may not be aware that medical marijuana is legal in Ohio for 21 illnesses, as long as there is a recommendation from a doctor specified to do so. It was anticipated that the medicinal marijuana program would be functioning by September, but that has not happened as of yet. The first dispensary in the state is anticipated to open soon near Steubenville, but others are still in varying degrees of construction or development.

The first dispensary is near the border of West Virginia, with more expected to open in Hamilton County, Warren, Butler and Highland Counties. The process in Hamilton County has been delayed-with one under construction, one has reserved parking spots and the last has a new roof. Another reason for the delay is because there are separate licensing procedures for growers, product manufacturers, testing labs and dispensaries.

This new business is expected to create thousands of new jobs in different fields, included those in related fields. For example, a vaping store has opened a couple of doors away from a dispensary. For this reason, once the first one opens up, attention will shift to southwest Ohio.

Medical marijuana is not only good for the state’s economy, but it is essential for relief for people suffering from serious medical conditions. It is unfortunate that even though it is finally legalized in certain states, those who are in need of it are unable to purchase it. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that it might still not be possible to legally purchase or possess medical marijuana.