Many people in Ohio suffer from serious medical conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, that do not have many options for relief. Some people have found that the use of medical marijuana alleviates their symptoms. Up until recently, however, it was illegal for these individuals to purchase and use marijuana, even medicinally. Ohio has since legalized medical marijuana, but there are still steps the state needs to take before medical marijuana is accessible to those who need it. However, with the recent opening of the patient registry in the state, Ohio is on the path to making it possible for patients to legally purchase medical marijuana.

Ohio’s medical marijuana patient registry has recently been made available to the public. This is good news both for patients who wish to legally purchase medical marijuana and for physicians that want to be able to prescribe the drug to patients. With the registry open, the state can give patients the approval needed to purchase medical marijuana.

To purchase medical marijuana, a physician with the certification to recommend medical marijuana needs to enter the person seeking medical marijuana onto the list. Following that, the state will confirm who the person is and will issue a Patient and Caregiver Registry Card to the respective parties. Once that is done, a person will be able to purchase medical marijuana from a dispensary.

Keep in mind that dispensaries in Ohio are not open yet. Therefore, it may still be some time before a person can legally purchase medical marijuana in the state. However, by opening the patient registry, Ohio is one step closer to reaching that goal.