As many Ohio residents anxiously await the availability of medical marijuana, others, including law enforcement, have concerns about how the legal trade of marijuana will affect the rate of crime in the state. As a holder of a dispensary license, you already know the mountain of regulations you must follow, including those related to keeping your product and customers safe.

Recreational marijuana is not yet legal in Ohio, so the careful and meticulous oversight of the infant medical marijuana industry is to keep the product from falling into the hands of those in the illegal drug trade, which may place the citizens of the state in peril. Undoubtedly, as you prepared to launch your business, much of your capital went to funding security measures required by law.

Extreme security

Any phase of the marijuana industry may deal with millions of dollars’ worth of product, and lawmakers made it clear in their legislation that the security of that product is essential. Like many, you were willing to comply if it meant being part of a lucrative trade that also brings relief to many who suffer from certain medical conditions. Your security measures likely include any of the following and more:

  • A safe in which you store the marijuana in the center of the building
  • Guards protecting the safe
  • Hundreds of high-definition security cameras throughout the facility, in every room, on the walls and ceilings
  • Additional smart cameras on the outside of the building
  • Recorded video footage that guards monitor constantly from the security room
  • Seismic motion detectors in the interior walls of the building
  • Barcodes on each plant to track their whereabouts from their germination as seeds to their sale
  • Locks on each room which you and your employees must access with identification keys

Of course, the public must have limited access to the inner workings of your facility, and perhaps only a small room is open for visitors or customers. Vehicles transporting marijuana products from cultivation centers and testing labs must also have certain security measures since those who may attempt to steal the valuable items may find it easier to do so during transportation than to break into your facility with its layers of protection.

Failing to follow these and other stringent security regulations may place your license in jeopardy as well as placing you under the scrutiny of law enforcement. If you should face questions about your compliance with the many regulations for Ohio’s medical marijuana trade, you can reach out to an attorney who is knowledgeable in the laws of this new industry.