With recreational use of marijuana becoming legal in more and more states across the country as well as medical marijuana, one would think that its usage would become more acceptable in society, but this is not the case. Though medical usages of the substance are known to treat a number of medical conditions, people still hesitate to use or disclose their usage of it, for fear of being labeled ‘potheads’. What many don’t understand is that medical usage of the substance offers much needed relief to those who have exhausted all of their options for respite from pain.

With cannabis products set to become available in Ohio over the next couple of months through certain dispensaries, it is hoped that this perception changes and people become more accepting of using it. it doesn’t help that for now, marijuana can only be used to treat allowable conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases, AIDS, epilepsy, cancer and a handful of other maladies. Additionally, in order to get it from the pharmacy, one must a physician’s recommendation.

There is a move to expand the scope of conditions that can be treated with medical marijuana. Ohio’s state medical board is reviewing petitions that are asking for the treatment of autism, depression, opioid addiction and a number of conditions to include cannabis products. A meeting has been scheduled within this month to review the petitions–any that meet the initial requirements will then be reviewed further by experts who may recommend it for inclusion in the list of allowable conditions.

While the decision on such petitions is expected to come within the next six months, it is important to know whether one can receive medical marijuana for their condition or not and what to do to if one wants their condition included in the list of allowable illnesses. Consulting an experienced attorney may be one way to get that information.