The path to opening a business in the cannabis industry is mired with roadblocks, even though it is now legally possible in Ohio. Not only is there a social stigma associated with anything that has to do with cannabis, there are a number of complicated regulations that businesses must adhere to in order to operate. Even then, medical marijuana dispensaries are not opening up with the speed that they should be.

The laws surrounding the cannabis industry are complex, vary from state to state and are evolving within individual states as well. In order to operate a successful and legal business, Ohio residents must navigate this maze effectively and ensure they are complying with all relevant laws, most importantly, those relating to the licensing of their business. A single mistake could mean a business is floored even before if gets off the ground.

While many believe that a criminal defense attorney can help them with their marijuana related business, this is not the case-operating a legitimate business is not a criminal matter but an administrative one. There is no interaction with the criminal justice system, but instead, with administrative agencies. The Patton Law Firm has extensive experience in dealing with the business and administrative end of cannabis businesses, and we are committed to helping our clients achieving their goals.

Visit our page for more information Since our law firm’s focus is exclusively in this area of law, our legal team is familiar with all the relevant administrative agencies and their procedures. Our attorneys use their experience and knowledge for the benefits of our clients.