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Medical marijuana on public universities may violate federal law

The legality of certain substances change throughout time. Although medical marijuana became legal in Ohio back in 2016, the first time patients were able to get their medical prescriptions filled was early this year. Experts believe that one of the reasons a medical marijuana program has not gathered impetus in the state is because federal law still classifies cannabis as a Schedule I drug, which puts it in the same list as LSD and heroin. A schedule I drug is not considered for medical treatment in the country and has a high potential for abuse. Those who are interested in exploring the medical marijuana program are confused by this, as they are unclear if they would end up being prosecuted federally instead of locally.

Another issue that has arisen is the use of medical marijuana on university campuses. As per the law, anyone who is over the age of 21 can have access to medical marijuana if their medical condition falls under the 21 conditions that have been approved by the State Medical Board of Ohio. However, qualified patients who are also students cannot bring any of the substance onto Kent State's campus, due to the restrictions in the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act, a law public universities must comply with.

Since it is still considered a federal controlled substance, the university finds itself in a complicated position. Additionally, the university's standards of conduct also state that the use, possession, sale or distribution of narcotics is illegal. Together, this prohibits students from getting medical marijuana on campus.

Medical marijuana provides much-needed relief from a number of medical conditions, such as Alzheimer's and chronic pain. It can also be a valuable way for veterans struggling with nightmares due to PTSD to get control of their symptoms and act as an effective sleep aid.

The laws surrounding medical marijuana are complex, as they involve an interplay between federal and state law. As more and more dispensaries open across the state, it is important for business owners to know where they can do business and where they cannot. An experienced individual may be able to provide guidance on the law and how it applies to one's situation.

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