While Ohio’s medical marijuana industry got off to a slow start, you may be seeing your dispensary growing as more certified physicians recommend cannabis for their patients with qualifying conditions. As your production and trade increases, you are likely considering hiring new employees to your staff.

There is plenty of interest in the medical marijuana industry, and some may think it would be fun to work in any aspect of the business. However, you may be like many in Ohio and across the country who are finding it difficult to attract skilled workers to your company.

Finding the right people

You may find a common thread among those who apply for work in your company. Many who seek jobs in the medical marijuana industry are passionate about making these products available to those who need them. Perhaps they have suffered with a qualifying condition themselves or have seen the relief a loved one experienced after having access to medical marijuana. If your company does not accept employees who are marijuana users, you may have a procedure in place for dealing with otherwise qualified candidates.

More important than whether an employee is aware of the benefits of your product, you may be in search of workers who have skills not necessarily specific to the marijuana trade. For example, like many other companies, you may be seeking to hire any of the following:

  • Cultivators
  • Chemists
  • Lab technicians
  • Retail workers
  • Web developers
  • Marketers
  • Accountants
  • Office managers

Some of these may require special training and licensing according to Ohio law. Others may require background checks.

The good and bad of medical marijuana jobs

While this new industry has much potential for expansion and growth, job seekers may be looking at the whole picture. You may be able to offer competitive salaries, even for those entry level positions like watering the plants or sampling the soil. However, many are disappointed to learn of the lack of job security in the medical marijuana industry. This is mainly because marijuana, though legalized in most states, is still a controlled substance strictly prohibited by the federal government.

Because marijuana is illegal by federal law, few insurance companies are willing to offer their services, so you may not be able to offer health benefits to your employees. There is also the slight possibility that the government could exercise its authority at any time and close down yours and other marijuana companies. Nevertheless, you may be among the optimistic who expect these restrictions to change in the near future.