Entering any new business venture is intimidating enough, as entrepreneurs try to learn the laws surrounding the field they are entering to ensure they obey it. This becomes difficult when the law surrounding the industry is fluid yet tightly regulated at the same time, as the cannabis industry in Ohio is. The laws in the relatively new legalized marijuana industry can change at any time, yet adhering to them is key to ensure one does not have their business shut down.

It’s not just the laws surrounding the dispensation of medical marijuana that are complicated, it is also the hiring of new staff, testing and growing of cannabis, which is regulated and complex. With every step the business takes, it needs to ensure it is complying with all relevant and updated laws.

A number of issues can arise unwittingly in the cannabis industry. An owner can be accused of using prohibited chemicals during processing or failing to recognize and report a new employee’s criminal background, in addition to numerous other allegations that can arise. Licenses can end up being revoked and all the hard work, time and resources an Ohio resident has put into starting a business may end up going down the drain.

For more on how we help businesses get and maintain licenses, visit our site. The Patton Law firm works with medical marijuana businesses and ensures they remain compliant with all relevant laws. Those facing allegations of violating the law need to work quickly to put up a strong defense and we do just that for our clients. Whether at the administrative hearing, fighting license revocation or at the appeals level, fighting for license reinstatement, we work dedicatedly for our clients.